Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Second Week

First week went off rather well, except for that whole camera issue. That's resolved now by the way, so we should have a picture of this week's dish. Alright now some of you have been asking about my cookbook, Wholesome Sensualities. I just sent in the final revision, and we're looking at publication early December. Pre-orders are still being taken through the site (see the left panel) and all pre-orders will be signed as a personal thanks from me to you.

I know I just said we'd have a picture this week, but since no one has sent in any ingredients I may have to pull a recipe from the book to post. If that's the case I can't guarantee a picture (hey, I'm broke I can't afford tons of groceries!)

Well that's all for now, as always a more substantial post will come later in the week with a recipe.

Happy Cooking!


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